Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Shabbos Test

From Reb. Shlomo Carlebach z''l, whose 15th yahrzeit passed this week:
If you want to know how much you like a person, see if you can sit with the person without doing anything. Shabbos is therefore given to you. Do nothing and show your love for Hashem.
from The Soul of Shabbos.

This Shabbos I'm thankful to have recovered from my bout with illness. Good Shabbos everybody!


Judah Himango said...

Hey, glad you're doing well.

All my coworkers and my wife and my son and my daughter have all been deeply sick this week. I've managed to get away with just a mild sore throat, thank God!

Good shabbos!

Yahnatan Lasko said...

Thanks, Judah! I'm praying for a full recovery for your family too.

Anonymous said...

i think god will definitely bless u more if u say it with a "t" :D

Yahnatan Lasko said...

Haha, Ronit. If it's any consolation: