Friday, February 19, 2010

J-BOM is coming!

If you keep up with other Messianic blogs, then you've probably already heard of the Jewish Book of the Month Club (J-BOM), a new Jewish learning project started by Derek Leman.

If you read Gathering Sparks, then you're just the type of person who would benefit from participating--or even starting up a study group at your shul or church!

I'm going to be doing all of the above, as well as blogging about interesting things that I learn along the way. (Not to mention building up the Jewish section of my personal library with some quality selections!)

J-BOM starts this coming month (March).
The first book is The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah.

You can buy it from (probably the cheapest option), or you can take advantage of a special offer JPS made to Derek especially for this program and get 30% off list price by ordering from JPS directly.

Other blogs which will also be participating include:
So go ahead, order The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah and prepare for a Jewish learning explosion*!

* OK, so that was a cheesy word play on the whole J-BOM thing. You got me. Have a good Shabbos...

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This is an exciting communal undertaking. The power of learning together will be immense. If our movement will make Torah and supplementary reading a habit, the next generation will be a true force for messianic spirituality.

Derek Leman

Judah Gabriel Himango said...

>> and prepare for a Jewish learning explosion!

Hahaha. :-)