Friday, April 30, 2010

Sabbath Manifesto

Have you heard of the Sabbath Manifesto? It's a project based on the fact that our already hectic lives are becoming even more frenetic. From the Sabbath Manifesto web site:
The Sabbath Manifesto is a creative project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world.

We’ve created 10 core principles completely open for your unique interpretation. We welcome you to join us as we carve a weekly timeout into our lives.

1) Avoid technology
2) Connect with loved ones
3) Nurture your health
4) Get outside
5) Avoid commerce
6) Light candles
7) Drink wine
8) Eat bread
9) Find silence
10) Give back


james.pyles said...

Actually, I have heard of this. I already make an effort to unplug on Shabbat (OK, I sometimes check my email). One thing that really should be on the list is "take a nap".

jonroush said...

3) nurture health. I like this one. While it seems odd I love getting in a workout on shabbat. Why? because putting in time to attune your mind to your body and how it is working is not only enjoyable but the restful satisfaction after you are done is fantastic. I would actually love to do yoga on Shabbat simply because of the place of peace it leaves you at when you are done. Unfortunately there are normally too many people pulling at me to be able to put in the 90 minutes. My hope is one day to have a small group of people to be able to do this w/ on Shabbat afternoons. I have never experienced a rest quite like the one that comes after finishing yoga.