Sunday, December 26, 2010

Check out Shalom Talk!

Have you heard Shalom Talk?

It's a radio show / podcast of weekly "conversations for change" between Messianic Jewish rabbi, scholar, and thinker Stuart Dauermann and various fascinating guests.

So far Dr. Dauermann has interviewed Bible scholars (Mark Nanos--a must-hear if you like Pauline studies!), musician/composers (Yehuda Solomon of Moshav Band, composer Michael Silversher), anthropologists (Dr. Bruce Stokes), at least one president of a Messianic Jewish synagogue (Diane Cohen--if you're a fan of Moshav Band, you'll definitely want to hear her story), Christian leaders (Fumio Taku), and rabbis of both the Yeshua-believing (Russ Resnick, Vladimir Pikman) and non-Yeshua-believing (David Zaslow) kind.

If you like quality Messianic Jewish media, you're definitely going to want to have Shalom Talk close to the top of your list.

Listeners will also note that the program is sponsored by Forever 21--their support of the kind of programming I like made me want to go there when I'm getting clothes or gifts! 

You can hear Shalom Talk via the web (Go to and click "Listen now" at 1PM PST / 4PM EST / you do the math if you're in between) or via podcast (my own preferred method, allowing me to listen to the program anytime I have a few spare minutes).  Click here for a link to the podcast and happy listening!


Rabbi Joshua said...

This really is a great radio show! I also support Yahnatan in highly recommending this show!

Judah Gabriel Himango said...

LOL @ Josh

I haven't heard of this show before. I'll try it out, sounds interesting.

James said...

Yahnatan, how long are the podcasts, 30 or 60 minutes? I don't often have long blocks of time that are unoccupied, so I'd need to adjust my schedule to give this a listen.

Yahnatan said...


The podcasts are generally about 50 minutes long. I usually listen to them on my commute to/from work.

There is also a shorter podcast called "Shalom To Go," a 2-minute weekly reflection from Rabbi Dauermann on the theme from that week's interview.