Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Jewish Annotated New Testament

In case you haven't heard, the Jewish Annotated New Testament was just released.  This volume is a study edition of the NSRV translation of the New Testament with commentary and essays by Jewish Biblical scholars (including Jewish New Testament scholars) such as Marc Zvi Brettler, Amy-Jill Levine, Daniel Boyarin, and Mark Nanos.

Being the first study Bible of its kind, it's getting some attention on the web; here are some of the articles I've come across so far:

The Rosh Pina Project blog posts a review by Mark Oppenheimer entitled "'The more I study New Testament,' Dr. Levine said, 'the better Jew I become.'"

An article by Reform Rabbi Larry Bach entitled "My New, New Testament," in which he writes, "the New Testament — this New Testament, in particular — is a book that belongs in every Jewish home."

Rebecca at the Mystical Politics blog, who herself contributed the JANT article on diving beings, points to a New York Times article on the JANT quoting Amy-Jill Levine and herself

Said New York Times article.

John Hobbins from the Ancient Hebrew Poetry blog asks in "Jews Reading the New Testament": "Is that just another way of saying, 'Jews behaving badly'?"

And the most extensive review I've seen, by Messianic Jewish rabbi/author Derek Leman.

Feel free to post further reviews in the comments section as you come across them.  (It looks like this volume might make a great holiday gift!)

Disclaimer: I have not received a free copy of the Jewish Annotated New Testament.  However, I would welcome one!


Anonymous said...

I thought FFOZ mentioned it on one of their blogs but now I can't find it. As I recall, the most outstanding comment was that the commentary was a little less than "Torah-friendly". I'll probably have to break down a buy a copy for review, since I don't have a relationship with the publisher.


Yahnatan said...


Interesting. As Derek Leman's review indicates, there's something of a diversity of views represented. I believe Daniel Boyarin articulated a picture of a post-Torah Paul in his book "A Radical Jew," while Mark Nanos is one of the major contributors to the so-called "radical perspective on Paul" which posits Paul as a Torah-observant Jewish apostle to the Gentiles.


Yahnatan said...

Jim Davila put up a blog post on the JANT at Paleojudaica which points to a Brandeis article on the new volume.

Last time I checked Amazon, it was sold out. Same at all the local Barnes and Nobles...save one.

Yahnatan said...

According to this article on her blog, the Velveteen Rabbi did an interview recently with Marc Zvi Brettler, which will be turned into an article for the Berkshire Eagle. I'll try to post that article once it's published...

Yahnatan said...

Here's the full set of interviews with both co-editors by Rachel Barenblat (a.k.a. Velveteen Rabbi), along with her article for the Berkshire Eagle.

Barenblat comments, "This book is absolutely worth picking up...I'm really glad to have it. It's the first of its kind, and I think it's a valuable addition to the literature."

Yahnatan said...

Two more reviews:

- New Testament scholar James D. G. Dunn for Biblical History Daily: How Jewish Is the New Testament?

- Benjamin Balint for Haaretz: That most Jewish of books

Yahnatan said...

A session at SBL in Chicago included Larry Hurtado, who was brought in specifically "to approach the book as a NT scholar, and with special attention to how christological issues and passages were handled." His thoughts here:

Larry Hurtado's Blog: The Jewish Annotated New Testament.

Yahnatan said...

Another post-SBL JANT reflection, this time by Anthony Le Donne.

Another post-SBL JANT reflection, this time by Anthony Le Donne.