Thursday, February 7, 2013

New book released, Introduction to Messianic Judaism

I have long been anticipating Zondervan's Introduction to Messianic Judaism, edited by David Rudolph and Joel Willitts. The book was finally released this week. You can order it from here.

I expect to post a fuller review of the book's contents after I have a chance to go through it. For now, here is the summary from as well as a listing of the table of contents:
This book is the go-to source for introductory information on Messianic Judaism. Editors David Rudolph and Joel Willitts have assembled a thorough examination of the ecclesial context and biblical foundations of the diverse Messianic Jewish movement. The work brings together a team of respected Messianic Jewish and Gentile Christian scholars, including Mark Kinzer, Richard Bauckham, Markus Bockmuehl, Craig Keener, Darrell Bock, Scott Hafemann, Daniel Harrington, R. Kendall Soulen, Douglas Harink and others. Opening essays, written by Messianic Jewish scholars and synagogue leaders, provide a window into the on-the-ground reality of the Messianic Jewish community and reveal the challenges, questions and issues with which Messianic Jews grapple. The following predominantly Gentile Christian discussion explores a number of biblical and theological issues that inform our understanding of the Messianic Jewish ecclesial context. Here is a balanced and accessible introduction to the diverse Messianic Jewish movement that all readers will find informative and fascinating.
x.  Introduction
                David Rudolph
1.  Messianic Judaism in Antiquity and in the Modern Era
                David Rudolph
2.  Messianic Jewish Synagogues
                David Rudolph and Elliot Klayman
3.  Messianic Jewish Worship and Prayer
4.  Messianic Jews and Scripture
                Carl Kinbar
5.  Messianic Jews and Jewish Tradition
                Carl Kinbar
6.  Messianic Jewish Ethics
                Russ Resnick
7.  Messianic Jewish Outreach
                Stuart Dauermann
8.  Messianic Judaism and Women
                Rachel Wolf
9.  Messianic Jews in the Land of Israel
                Akiva Cohen
10. Messianic Jewish National Organizations
                Mitch Glaser
11. Messianic Jews and the Jewish World
                Mark S. Kinzer
12. Messianic Jews and the Gentile Christian World
                Daniel C. Juster
13. Messianic Jews and Jewish-Chistian Dialogue
                Jennifer M. Rosner
14. Matthew's Christian-Jewish Community
                Daniel H. Harrington
15. The Restoration of Israel in Luke-Acts
                Darrell Bock
16. James and the Jerusalim Council Decision
                Richard Bauckham
17. Interdependence and Mutual Blessing in the Church
                Craig Keener
18. The Relationship between Israel and the Church
                William S. Campbell
19. The Redemption of Israel for the Sake of the Gentiles
                Scott J. Hafemann
20. Paul's Rule in All the Ekklesiai
                Anders Runesson
21. Equality in the Church
                Justin K. Hardin
22. The Supersession and Superfluity of the Law?: Another Look at Galatians
                Todd A. Wilson
23. The Bride of Messiah and the Israel-ness of the New Heavens and New Earth
                Joel Willitts
24. Mission-Commitment in Second Temple Judaism and the New Testament
                John Dickson
25. The Son of David and the Gospel
                Markus Bockmuehl
26. Jewish Priority, Election, and the Gospel
                Douglas Harink
27. The Standard Canonical Narrative and the Problem of Supersessionism
                R. Kendall Soulen
28. Summary of the Chapters
                Joel Willitts
xx. Conclusion
                Joel Willitts

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