Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fellow bloggers and free stuff!

Hi friends,
Last weekend I was able to attend the first UMJC conference for the mid-atlantic region in a long time. I was able to connect with some old friends, including a few of my favorites from the Messianic blogosphere.
Here's me with Netzer Chosid, a longtime friend. N''C's posts are few and far between, but they're real gems. Hopefully he'll find ways to continue sharing his insights.

And here's me with Rabbi Russ Resnick, who was one of the speakers for the conference. His talk, called "Walk the Talk," used Isaiah 52:7 as a starting point to talk about what it means to proclaim the gospel with our lives as well as our words.
Currently my havurah is reading Rabbi Russ's new book, Divine Reversal. So far I think it's an excellent examination of the transformational teachings of Yeshua from a Jewish perspective. Rabbi Russ manages to be both accessible and deep--a tricky feat! I'm looking forward to sharing this book with others...

One last (only tangentially related) thing: I arrived home from the conference to discover a funny-shaped package waiting in the mail. I opened it up only to discover...a free t-shirt from CustomInk!
I've used CustomInk twice now to make t-shirts, and they are one of my favorite companies. Their website is so easy to use: I would start messing around with an idea, and before I knew it, I'd be ready to order a t-shirt. And their customer service is top notch too.

I'm not getting anything by saying this (the free t-shirt was just for being a cool customer)--but if you want to order t-shirts for anything, I definitely recommend them.

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Judah Gabriel Himango said...

Very cool! Looks like you had a blast.