Thursday, April 24, 2014

Forward: South Dakota's Tiny Hillel Embraces Messianic Jews

An interesting story from South Dakota's Tiny Hillel Embraces Messianic Jews:

Hanna’s discomfort grew at the start of the fall semester, when another Messianic joined, bringing the membership to three Messianics and two traditional Jews, as two Jewish members had graduated the preceding spring. 
Hanna went to Hunt to discuss his misgivings. 
“I did understand where he was coming from,” Hunt said. “Having two-thirds Messianic Jews on the board of the Hillel is controversial.” 
But Hunt insisted that with so few Jews, they should continue focusing on their shared identity. 
By this point, Hanna was splitting his time between SDSU and the University of South Dakota, where he was working toward a doctorate in social psychology and behavioral neuroscience. He was also preparing to get married. These constraints, along with his dismay at the club’s new direction, moved him to leave B’rith Sholom at the beginning of this school year. 
Hanna also emailed Hillel’s headquarters in Washington about the club’s status around this time, but he received no response. A Hillel representative told the Forward that the organization has no policy on Messianic Jewish participation at its branches and no statement on this issue. 
But Hanna’s departure did result in one change: The remaining members amended the constitution to allow all members to serve as officers. 
“This is just one step to tikkun olam, repairing the world,” Hunt said.